happy 2017


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May this year be a safe and healthy year of growth for you.

Taking a quick look at social dream language, we see Carrie at the top of the charts (up 375%), just as other celebrity deaths caused huge spikes in appearances in dreams.

Also interesting as we enter 2017, Europe is really surging right now, up 336% week-over-week:

social dream language involving 'europe'

social dream language involving ‘europe’


from russia with love


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There have been surges in social dream language associated both with ‘Putin‘ (up 269% week-over-week) and ‘Russia (up 237%).’

3-month trend of Russia, spiking this week.

3-month trend of Russia, spiking this week.

Interestingly, sentiment within both sets of dreams is largely positive. In other words, people are dreaming fondly of Russia and Vladimir Putin:

Note that the spike in social dream language extends to other social platforms. Here is a dream from Reddit:

I dreamt I had an arranged marriage with Putin, and I agreed for political reasons and because he’s powerful. In the dream, my family disapproved because I’m young and it happened so suddenly, but they didn’t say anything. The dream felt super real, and in the same dream there was some sort of political dinner I had to attend where I met Melania Trump who was really nice and she baked mini chocolate cakes for everyone, which were really good. I couldn’t tell my friends about everything that happened in my life because it was all being kept a secret until the government formally announced it, so I became very isolated. It was strange, it was as if I could view my dream from third person, where I could analyse the subtext of isolation, and putting objective logic (marrying for political reasons) over an actual relationship

And from Facebook (although this one isn’t cheery):

I dreamt that I was at a press conference where people were accusing Putin of rigging the election. Well, Putin got so mad that he declared war and I was fleeing for my life from the Russians. Then, as I escaped, I ran into a battle field where The Americans were using Imperial AT-ATs to fight back. After escaping the battle field, I found myself at the command center, where presiding bishop Elizabeth Eaton was leading the attack against Russia! Craziness!!

Eyes open for major news involving Putin/Russia, or a change in the way the world sees them. This may or may not be precipitated by the obviously problematic (fake?) assassination of Ambassador Andrey Karlov. Anything remains game these next few weeks leading up to the inauguration, so keep paying attention to (and sharing) your dreams, and holding the space for the best outcome.

post election dream update: trump, italy


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Many people have been asking me for some thoughts on the election. I’d like to pull together some threads from a few posts over the last year.

In my last piece, Swords of Damocles, I described the circumstances that allowed a Trump victory to manifest; namely, that this was a referendum on globalism:

As I described coming into 2016, we have reached a critical point with respect to the ability of the cryptocracy to control the narrative and, transitively, the population. What some are calling a rise in populism or nationalism is, in fact, an entirely natural response to their unrelenting march towards the consolidation power into the hands of unelected technocrats. We’ve seen this manifesting this year in Trump’s messaging, in the Brexit and other referendums on EU, and beyond.

I really enjoyed Joseph P. Farrell’s recent video where he echoes this sentiment, plus speaks further to it being also both a referendum on the “mainstream media,” and a call for return to the rule of law:

social dream language

Over the last year, I have consistently blogged about how Trump (and even Bernie) had a greater presence in social dream language than Hillary. My March post, Esoteric Trumpism, explored the thought that this could be seen as a sure sign that Trump had become more than a man, but become himself a living, breathing archetype:

As the establishment does everything it can to stop him, Trump increasingly becomes a symbol of rejecting the deep state, the ruling cryptocracy. Each time the hidden hand uses another of its puppets—even the pope!— to try to strike him down, he is further empowered, not as a man, but as an archetype.

These are powerful forces, make no mistake. An egregore can quickly outgrow the man, and just as Esoteric Hitlerism contends that Hitler was the ninth avatar of Vishnu, are there indications that esoteric trumpism is on the rise? Could Trump be seen as the 10th avatar of Vishnu?

The trend continued to increase until last week, when, after the election, trump dreams reached an insane peak before returning to current, “normal” (still extreme) levels:

trump dreams peaking at election

trump dreams peaking at election

on trump

While we are clearly experiencing seismic shifts in the collective conscious, all is not necessarily well as power shifts to Trump. Freeman did a recent interview with Josh Reeves linking Trump, Trump University, and even Alex Jones to Scientology. Worth a listen to understand what forces are contending for power even as globalism outwardly seems to be losing ground.

Finally, here is a snapshot of the current long term trends. Note that they are much more intense than at any time in the last two years of recorded data. US politics looks to be very well represented. Eyes on Italy.


Be well.

swords of damocles


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We live with myriad imminent, existential threats. As time goes on, these threats seem to multiply. And indeed, as one takes it upon one’s self to look more deeply into our reality, one becomes increasingly aware of these threats. Radiation from Fukushima, a Carrington style solar event or man-made EMP, economic collapse, nuclear war or terrorism, geoengineering — just to name a few — any of these could cause a chain reaction that brings down our critical infrastructure on any given day. This list is extensive and genuinely frightening. Wherever you find yourself, there are almost certainly local issues with which you might concern yourself as well.


swords of damocles — as if one wasn’t enough !

We respond to these “background threats” in different ways. Many of us who are aware of them at least try to hedge these risks, making plans or preparations as best we can. This year, however, things have changed.

The Beginning Is Near

As I described coming into 2016, we have reached a critical point with respect to the ability of the cryptocracy to control the narrative and, transitively, the population. What some are calling a rise in populism or nationalism is, in fact, an entirely natural response to their unrelenting march towards the consolidation power into the hands of unelected technocrats. We’ve seen this manifesting this year in Trump’s messaging, in the Brexit and other referendums on EU, and beyond.

Those who have clenched control of the world have employed every possible means to do so. It is reasonable, then, to expect that they will stop at nothing in an attempt to maintain it. These sociopathic ruling “elites,” as well, are a very real and present danger.

Like a child who attempts to tighten her grasp around Jello, their struggle is only accelerating the awakening: the false left/right paradigm has broken down this year as RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) come out in support of Hillary. The extent to which the media is controlled is belied by their singing in unison of how horrible Trump is. And the truth about the EU is being discussed openly.

This critical inflection point is painfully clear; the world we have known has reached its end. Islamic invaders have already ratcheted up their attacks to such a level that the German government proclaims its citizens should be stockpiling food and water to brace for a catastrophic attack. (If you have not read Matt Bracken’s essay, Tet Take Two, I highly recommend it, as it really lays out the cryptocracy’s weapon of choice: an unholy alliance between international socialism—the “left”—and Islam).

The edifice of the system that provides food and water to the vast majority of us has crumbled, revealing a fully rotten core, barely functioning. To continue to depend on that system for your survival is madness.

A recurring theme in my writing is the need to work towards on the reality we wish to experience, and we wish our children to experience, rather than fret about and continue studying these threats. It simply doesn’t matter how much you know about the Clinton Foundation. It’s not going to help you manifest that desired reality.

Instead, this is the time to dedicate yourself fully to actively working towards a new reality. There are different areas to develop: community, skills, property, sustainable sources of food and water, health. The task before us each is to become independent of the failing system, and quickly. Only in doing so can we remove the shackles currently upon ourselves and, indeed, all of humanity.

Strive towards this goal in all that you do, all that you learn, and everything you build. Prepare.

And God bless.

pokemon take over dreams


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pokeball The collective psyche is sustaining yet another powerfully resonating hit this week, as the release of Nintendo’s Pokemon Go (whose developer is associated with the CIA’s In-Q-Tel) continues around the world. The media is in fact covering the extent to which this is affecting people, but generally from a humorous perspective, like making people’s legs sore.

What you won’t read in the news, however, is that this thought form, or tulpa, is currently resonating so strongly that even people who don’t play are affected, dreaming of pokemon:

In fact, the dream data confirms that the effect right now is massive:

social dream language involving 'pokemon' spiking after release of 'pokemon go'

social dream language involving ‘pokemon’ spiking after release of ‘pokemon go’

This is the second time within a month that our collective psyche is being battered so aggressively. The first, the brexit meme, was also huge. In fact, as zerohedge reports, these both have the rare and odd distinction of having eclipsed web searches for ‘porn’.

stay grounded

These mimetic attacks (as well as the scripted, violent incidents) are increasing in both power and frequency. Be sure to spend extra time to metabolize the resulting fear, anxiety, and negative energies.

dreams of dallas spike leading into 7/7


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There was a huge spike in dreams of Dallas over the last week, and tonight, on 7/7, we are seeing why.


The police shootings hours ago are rife with synchromystic associations: Dallas, on the 33rd parallel, links to JFK. The date, 7/7, is an echo of the London bombings. London was 7/7/2005 — expect to see more 7’s and more 5’s.

Update: The number of fallen police has been amended to 5. Also, as if the implicit association wasn’t enough, headlines are directly linking Dallas to 9/11: